A Little Nosh (goes a long way…)

Food is an essential part of sustaining life. But if we take a cue from our European friends, it can be so much more than a necessary act. It can be a simple, welcoming gesture; a moment to take a pause from your busy daily life; or even the boost you need to keep shopping, exploring or traveling!

Copenhagen Retail

It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture to make guests feel welcome. A glass of water or a small chocolate bite send that message that quite nicely.

Hotel Minerva – The Welcome

It is quite less frequent that you get a mint on your pillow at hotels nowadays. So, it was a wonderful surprise when getting to our rooms after the long day of travel that we found a pack of local favorite gummy bears.

Dishoom – The Welcome

We’ve all been there: hot new restaurant, no reservations taken, starving crew, one hour wait.

Well listen up hot new places, Dishoom figured out how to handle those hangry waiting guests – bring them free welcome drinks! They also had a well timed staging system, so once you got inside to the bar, it was easy to belly up and purchase your next drink from the bartender.

Ham Yard – The Pause

Afternoon tea is the perfect chance to take a pause in the middle of your day.

Illum – The Pause

Department stores in Europe are a much more full experience, and they plan on you needing a break.

Illum has accommodated that by locating a food hall on their rooftop. Views of the city, bright open seating and a variety of food and beverage options waits the tired shoppers.

Salotto – The Pause

Italian for “living room” this space is just that, a community living room located right in the heart of Copenhagen. They take hospitality to the next level by offering a barber shop in the corner!

Engelbrechts – The Pause

Frites Belgique – The Boost

After touring through Cologne all day, the crew needed a snack. And our noses lead us straight to this walk-up Belgium fry stand. The sayings were funny (“Fry me a River”), the fries golden perfection and the sauces plentiful. Bonus was the carrying container which made it easy to hold even with our hands full of packages!

Pastry Stand – The Boost

Okay, these are a little bigger than a typical “nosh”. But on a rainy, dreary day these are exactly what you need – handmade, sweet treats, wrapped for you to go!

Danish Parliament – The Boost

Selfridges – The Boost

Infusing various levels of hospitality into their retail environment draws guests in, and then encourages them to stay awhile and relax. Highlights include a Prosecco Bar, Blow Dry Bar and Nail Bar. With so many services, plus a world of shopping, why ever leave?