In The Details

Good design covers all the bases. From the first point of interaction, to the last thing we remember, it all comes down to the details. The details are what make us go “hmmm”. They make us smile. They make us take a moment of appreciation. We love the simplicity, sophistication and sometimes just freakin’ cool attention to the in the little bits just as much as the big ones.

EuroShop Fixture Display

Details that show a little extra thought, time and effort make us smile.

Schee – Artwork Display System

A German vintage store, Schee puts an interactive spin on sales of printed graphic artwork. The walls are filled with artwork that all have a small numbered black chip in the bottom right corner. In the back of the store, customers locate the chip number of the piece they wish to purchase, and will find the title, artist and pricing. It makes for a fun, clean and innovate presentation of merchandise.

Harrods – Food Hall

It’s all about the detail here. Walking into this space transforms you to another world.


Simply welded metal, finished and polished creates a clean well designed shoe display.

EuroShop – DLV

No need to always hide a connection … tie some knots and forget about the complicated hardware.

EuroShop – ITAB

When the details are functional and beautiful.


The original cologne of Cologne. A simple black and white paper label would not cut it for this brand – gold price tags are a must.


Concealing adjustable hardware is a constant battle. G-Stars concealed standards blend beautifully into the design.

Cultural Details

We saw plenty of detailed design outside of EuroShop, from door pulls to sewer lids, the cities were packed with unique details!