Simply The Best

Whether time starved and looking for the “best” solution or a person with particular tastes and “only the best will do”, a few retailers have cleverly taken it upon themselves to be that “curator” with exclusive products and limited selections. No need to fret, the legwork has been done for you.

Manufactum – Cologne

Selecting products rooted in quality, practicality and composed of traditional materials is at the core of Manufactum; as is creating a painless and enjoyable shopping experience via its limited assortment. Merchandising only what they deem worthy and purposeful, the products themselves become individual heroes. (Check out their website for in-depth descriptions highlighting the unique story behind each piece.) Between the stores merchandising and the website’s narratives, Manufactum becomes a living catalog of only the best brought to life. As the brand states, “Somewhere in the region of 2,000 quality items have been selected for inclusion, some of which are true classics which have stood the test of time…and will outlive any trend or fashion.”

Retail brands across Europe seemed to elevate and curate their ‘best’ products including Harrods, Bogner, Coco Mat, Selfrdiges Denim, Paustian, Normann, and Louis Poulsen.