A Tactile Nature

How can physcial environments stay relevant in an increasingly digital world? Perahps the solution is simple – use the space to create joyful, tactile experiences for the guest. The following examples help bring consumers back to the physical world by creating awe-inspiring moments, encouraging interaction, and engaging the visitor. If we believe in the power of space and seize the opportunity to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, we deliver emotion, and emotion will always stay relevant.


This Euroshop booth immediately caught our eye with their display of gorgeous furniture, lighting and space dividers made of unconventional materials such as paper and textiles. We were instantly engaged to touch and explore the product. The Canadian design studio is “dedicated to an exploration of sensory experience in space making, combined with experiments in manufacturing, materials and structure.” They believe in the idea that “smaller, tactile objects have potency in the physical experience of the built environment.”

Pattern Play

At every turn was a playful pattern, textural rhythm or tactile surface at EuroShop 2017. Common material themes included a play on plywood, punched metal patterns and dimensional textures. It was these tactile booths that really caught our eye and engaged us to pause and learn more.

The New Mannequin

Putting a tactile twist on the traditional mannequin form will surprise and delight the shopper while simultaneously enhancing the merchandise on display.

G-Star Raw – Cologne

Every inch of this space exuded an industrial, tactile quality. From the concrete pressed with denim, to the grand architectural spiral stair case. Even the ceiling was tactile, featuring industrial metal cased light fixtures and exposed mechanical systems

Liberty – London

Liberty infuses personality into each touchpoint of the shopping experience. The flooring, a mix of stained wood and colorful marble planks dance around the space. Velvet tabletops and bold wallcoverings add a tactile element and a touch of drama, complementing the beautiful products on display.

Dover Street Market – London

Dover Street is known for their “ongoing atmosphere of beautiful chaos”. Wild and unexpected, the unconventional environment intrigues the customer at every turn. Shunning traditional fixture displays, the products are integrated into art installations that piques the curiosity of the shopper. Learn More…